I’ve done incremental, individual change. I still do it. But it isn’t enough. And it won’t be enough. Day by day, creeping below the radar and hoping to sneak by and om your way out of what’s going on in the big and ugly out there of America become less and less of an option– if the water gets poisoned and the government is corrupt.

Do you know people who say, “What can I do? We’re screwed. All I can do is control how I feel about it.”

Really? If your baby’s hair was on fire, would you just deal with how you feel about it? Or would you do something and fast? If you hope to live a good life now’s the time to do something and do it fast.

How are you spending your time? Can you set aside 15 minutes per day to act on calls to action, get out votes, save your world? Why bother putting streaks in your hair, or eating healthy? That guy or gal you’re attracted to, that career op, that home fixit, the kids you might have, the skill you might perfect– how well will that go if our world is screwed? Where you gonna hide?

If you’re ready to step up, step out and make it at least a 15 minutes a day priority to change or world, FB friend me or sign up at: www.healthjournalistblog.com and tell me: “I’m up for it.”