As Dr. Joseph Pizzorno (co-founder of Bastyr University) and other prominent physicians point to the unintentional damage wrought by agricultural and industrial toxins, the assumption that all chemical combinations are good for us, or can be managed by our detox systems is being revealed as false. Yet the mainstream media lags behind in telling the true story.

For example, in a press teleconference I attended, three researchers revealed the current (and highly disturbing findings) on chemical toxins as contributors to rising cancer rates in young children. All of the scientific researchers spoke about the need to regulate the 80,000 toxic chemicals that have never been studied or regulated since they were “grandfathered” into common use in 1975. After the scientists spoke, “Wendy,” a young mother recounted how her daughter died of cancer before the age of four. This caring mother was traumatized by this tragedy, as most people would be.

I felt sad and puzzled observing the blind spot this true story evoked in media folks. The truth of this story was unacceptable to their predefined “rules” about how to convey this information. Several major media reporters at the conference set about translating for their readers this worrisome information and its call to action. A reporter for a major and well-regarded online health media website heard the tragic story of Wendy’s young daughter’s death from brain cancer, and asked, “Of course we don’t want to scare our readers, so what can we tell them they can do about this?” Read More→