Happy Valentine’s Day this week everyone! A special shout out to Bobby McFerrin, whose beautiful piece, the Garden is the theme music for Connect the Dots radio. The album from which it comes Vocabularies, has three Grammy nominations, and you can watch Bobby co-hosting the pre-Grammy telecast via live streaming at: www.grammy.com on Sunday, February 13th at PM ET.

The Environment and Our Health
I’ve been a health empowerment advocate for over twenty-five years. While there is so much we can each do as individuals to protect our health, there is also a lot we can’t do on an individual basis to eliminate toxic exposures to ourselves and to our families. We have to address these things on a societal level. On today’s, Connect the Dots radio program, I’ll be joined by Richard Clapp, one of a handful of pioneers (and heroes) in conducting the scientific research into how toxins allowed into the environment, affect us to contribute to many diseases that we try to cure when it’s late in the game. Please tune in!

Dr. Clapp is actively involved with the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, which has many terrific initiatives. The Center is working to prevent diseases caused by toxic exposures. They also have great publications, on topics like Green Toys and workplace safety.

Those who care about addressing health problems at the systemic environmental level, can also sign up at Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families to take action and change laws regulating the safety of toxic chemicals.

Protect Public Media
Predictably, the Republican Congress wants to shut down public media– yet again. Bill Moyers has retired. What are they even concerned about?

Many of you probably don’t know that I began my media career as a producer of PBS Public Affairs specials. But Reagan began gutting public television funding soon after his election, prompting my first career moves onward. That’s why I still feel it’s important to protect public media from Congressional budget cuts.

Still, it’s vital to protect all avenues of media independence. While I feel that PBS and NPR could do a lot more, funding is an issue. But we need to keep these channels open, so the time to act is now. Here’s your way to take action to keep them funded so that we don’t have a television landscape of total junk food. Plus who knows when the next Bill Moyers may surface? Learn more and act here.

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