On his Countdown program, the night before his suspension, in a segment on the gas drilling practice, called “fracking,” Keith Olbermann commented, “Now they’re bringing off-shore drilling– on shore.”

“Climate is gone!” Olbermann reported that Karl Rove exulted at a Gas Drillers meeting in Pittsburgh earlier this week.

Josh Fox, director of the film, Gasland, ,which covers fracking, called Rove’s remarks “A Freudian slip.” What Rove meant to say is that the newly elected Republican-dominated Congress plans to attack climate science and strip the Environmental Protection Agency of its authority.

What Rove actually said is that if the Republican agenda is enacted, the climate itself will “be gone.”

With its destruction of water aquifers, rivers, streams, and wells nationwide, the unregulated boom in fracking, a form of gas drilling, is covered in Fox’s award-winning film, Gasland, which recently won the Yoko Ono Peace prize. Now in thirty-four states and coming to New York and the northeast, fracking, which uses Halliburton produced cement casings, was deregulated by Dick Cheney, in the Halliburton Loophole. In addition to water, it pollutes the air as well as using agricultural land formerly used for food production.

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