Vladimir Voeikov is Vice-Chairman of the Chair of Bioorganic Chemistry at Moscow State U. and a Sr. Researcher in the field of water. An expert in the research on water, Voeikov will discuss the world’s misunderstanding of water as simply H2O: because from my point of view the general misunderstanding between those who are insisting on the key role of water in all biological phenomena including its role in health and whole body healing and sincere opponents is rooted here. Learn about water burning, morphogenetic fields, how birds fly, and the Russian award-winning documentary movie, Water. We discuss many empirically found methods of water conditioning and the need for development of the understanding of what happens to water in the course of its conditioning. And we discover the need for drinking “just water,” as opposed to quenching one’s thirst by drinking tea, coffee, soft drinks—the verb “to drink” refers only to water; and “eat,” including even tea, in the old Russian language.

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