Dr. Bart Flick is the major heir of Robert O. Becker, MD, orthopedic surgeon and medical research doctor author of the classic, The Body Electric, pointing out that our bodies are NOT just biochemical entities but are also equally complex electromagnetic devices. Dr. Flick, now an orthopedic surgeon, is among the most knowledgeable experts in the world on the role of electric and magnetic field effects on human health. Today, he covers the ground from his pioneering work on using silver in wound healing, via silver colloids and silver cloth—even in horses—to the way to regenerate some human limbs! He discusses the biological stress factors associated with electric and magnetic fields and how these affect the immune system of billions of people, and what you can do about it. Dr. Flick, a true general practitioner/orthopedic surgeon, will also give his colleagues advice on all the simple things that each citizen can do for herself or himself to keep healthy or manage minor issues.

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