This show, with our guest Dr. Larry Dossey, highlights two themes: the spectacular potential of spiritual healing in all our lives and the present extraordinary resistance by the public with minds now shaped by the media’s forces of denial. ‘What is all the fuss about?’ is Dossey’s response. All citizens are affected by the media-information climate. Those who live in the awareness that humans, unchangeably, are body + mind + spirit must work harder to keep brushing off the only-materialist tendency of our culture. It is emphatically not science vs. spirit. Good science—which is wholly dependent on facts—is totally on the side of the effectiveness of spiritual healing. Dr. Dossey’s series of books and journal editorials cite a goldmine of studies, stories, and hard evidence. These data from every part of the world, and as such practicing different religions show, the unusual power of this third aspect of whole person healing via body, mind and spirit—is the spirit.

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