Andrew Weil, M.D., is our body-focus expert for this inaugural show on Whole Person Healing via Body, Mind and Spirit. Prof. Weil and his Center for Excellence on Integrative Medicine at the U. of Arizona has done more than any group in the world to bring the wisdom of the world’s healing practices to the professional medical community through educational programs. Dr. Weil is the best-known and admired face of wisdom on nutrition and exercise—most often self-help routes to health. Your host and Alison Rose Levy, New York Times best-selling health writer/journalist, discuss Dr. Weil’s simple ways citizens can help their own health via simple breathing practices, regular walking and good eating habits; and the over-reliance on technology instead of careful attention to one’s needs by general practitioners that has brought our medical system into total disrepair. In his just to be released book, Why Our Health Matters, he lays out a program President Obama should take as his own.

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