Filmmaker Josh Fox is a David for our time. Davids stand up and speak truth to Goliaths when few others dare to. After winning the John Lennon Peace Prize, the Environmental Media Award, and countless others, his film, Gasland, which shows the high price we pay for so-called “natural” gas, has now been nominated for an Oscar in the documentary category. Gasland shows that in terms of CO2 levels, water contamination, health risks, loss of agriculture, tourism, and jobs, this is one of the dirtiest fuels around. Not surprisingly, the gas and oil industry doesn’t like to truth to be told. And so they are attacking the film, and critiquing the Academy of Motion Picture Arts for showing it. Learn more.

To learn more about the reality of fracking, read this excellent article.

To read the New York Times article on the industry offense, go here.

To get a copy of Gasland and read a point by point rebuttal of gas industry, PR spin, go here.

 You can vote for Gasland here.

And don’t miss this amazing music video about the threats posed by the Gas Man.

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