Today the host, Rustum Roy, and co-host, Alison Rose Levy, will also be the guests—the idea being to tell you the ‘behind the scenes’ about this show. In one sentence it is to counter via the Internet the tremendous, nay fantastic grip, that the prescription-driven medical system including the pharmaceutical industry has in shaping the consciousness of the U.S. (and world) public about our health. What do we mean by WPH? or Collective Healing which implies something bigger than the individual? Then, we talk about frontier science: Intention, expectation effect (and beliefs and attitudes), morphogenic fields, the role of structured water…to new devices…to prayer. We discuss some of the previous guests on the show—medical doctors, leading scientists, health policy experts and journalists, and leaders in health education from all over the world. Missed the shows: go to Finally, what can you do to spread the need for ‘new health reform’?

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